Posted on Review: 7% daily for 30 days ,110% after 10 days Review: 7% daily for 30 days ,110% after 10 days Posted on 01/08/2019 by jimmychu I am not admin or owner of this program. Description: R7 is an innovative and practical “digital funds” online platform, which welcomes all members worldwide. We act solely as a facilitator between you (our members) and the Enterprise (our investment). This lucrative […]

Posted on Review: 5%-11% daily for life time Review: 5%-11% daily for life time Posted on 01/03/2019 by jimmychu I am not admin or owner of this program. Description: Earning with Etherlite is very effortless. EtherLite Mining Ltd offers you the staging that empowers you to gain your financial freedom. Our services are suitable for everyone who desires to accomplish something from this vast […]

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I am not admin or owner of this program. Description: Bettr is an innovative new platform to invest and grow your digital assets. With Bettr, you get guaranteed returns on all your investments. To learn more about Bettr investment details, please see our FAQs. The Bettr platform simply works because the founders and partners have used […]

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I am not admin or owner of Description: Loans allow for getting funds to start new businesses or expand existing ones. But obtaining a loan is sometimes a challenge due to overwhelming collateral requirements and redundant, time-consuming procedures of lenders. We have conducted an in-depth analysis of such excessive measures and understood how to […]

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I am not admin or owner of this program. Description: The Russia-Invest game is not just a unique and innovative project, it is also a brilliant idea that is brought to life first! You are the manager during the crisis in Russia. At your disposal are several types of companies. Buy a company, choose the most profitable tool and […]

Posted on Review: Get 0.6%-2% daily for 120-365 days

I am not admin or owner of this program! Description: Noobles is a cozy corner in the modern business world, where professionals squeeze out all the juices from cryptocurrency and offer to earn their clients. Noobles is the company of the future. We introduce and master all modern technologies of earnings. Our philosophy is to […]

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Italian Financial Regulator Issues Cease and Desist Order to Crypto-Related Project

The financial regulator of Italy has barred a cryptocurrency-related project from operations for the provision of allegedly unauthorized investment services, according to an official statement published Dec. 14. Founded in 1974, the Italian National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange — or Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB) — is the government authority of Italy responsible for regulating […]

Posted on Review: 5%-12% daily for 35 days

I am not admin or owner of this program. Description: WHO WE ARE ABOUT BIT-TREND Beat trend is a group of successful traders who trade stocks on the New York Stock Exchange and cryptocurrency markets. At the moment, our group includes more than 140 successful traders around the world. This is a powerful bunch of thoughts and […]

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Thailand Regulator on Relaxing ICO Rules: We Want to ‘Find Greater Equilibrium’

Thailand’s securities regulator is planning a public hearing with the aim of loosening rules that form a “barrier” to initial coin offerings (ICOs), local English-language news outlet Bangkok Post reported Dec. 20. Thailand — which issued a royal decree to regulate its domestic cryptocurrency markets in May — had revealed its intention to license its first ICO portal in November and an ICO itself […]

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French Parliament Refuses to Ease Taxation for Cryptocurrency Owners

The lower house of the French parliament has rejected the amendments to the 2019 finance bill which would ease crypto-related taxation. French monthly business magazine Capital reported this Tuesday, Dec. 18. The amendments that have been declined by the National Assembly referred to a draft of the government finance bill for 2019. As explained by local crypto news outlet, the Parliament rejected four […]